Mobile Hearing Services

What is Mobile Hearing?

A mobile hearing service brings better hearing health directly to your doorstep. Hearing loss affects people of all different ages, all walks of life. For those who may not be able to make their way to our offices, we’ll come to you with our mobile hearing service.

Mobile hearing services include comprehensive hearing tests to evaluate your hearing abilities, as well as a dispensary of the best hearing aids technology has to offer. Our licensed audiologists are equipped to provide clients with mobility issues the same quality of care as we would in our brick and mortar office.

We understand that hearing impairment may lead to vulnerability, especially when our sense of hearing keeps us safe and connected to the world. By bringing hearing services directly to the comforts of your home, we are able to provide you with comfortable care.

Additionally, mobile hearing services are available for workplace hearing testing. For people who work in particularly loud industries, on-going hearing evaluation is important to maintaining good hearing health. We also provide fittings for custom hearing protection for workplace noise as well as recreational noise (hunting, music, etc.). Ask us about our services for employers.

South Coast Hearing Center is pleased to announce that we offer onside audiology services. This is especially of convenience to employers who want regular evaluation of their employees hearing health. The South Coast Hearing Center RV is a HIPPA compliant vehicle, equipped with a full audiology office and three sound proof booths for accurate hearing tests.

Benefits of Mobile Hearing Services

Mobile hearing services bring our trusted hearing services right to your home. For people with hearing loss or mobility issues, making your way to our offices may prove difficult.

With our mobile hearing services, we offer comprehensive hearing screening tests and hearing aid fittings. If you are already using hearing aids in your daily life, then you’ll understand the frustrations when your hearing aids are in need of repair. It is difficult to travel without functioning hearing aids. Our mobile hearing services also provide hearing aid programming, maintenance, and repairs on the spot. We also provide accessories and batteries for hearing aids. If, in fact, your hearing aids need to be upgraded, our mobile hearing RV is equipped to provide further evaluations and testing to determine the next technology level to meet your changing hearing needs.

At South Coast Hearing, we understand the difficulties that hearing loss presents on a daily basis. With our mobile hearing service, we ensure the best quality hearing treatment from the comfort of your own home.


Services Provided by the South Coast Mobile Audiology RV

With our mobile medical RV, we offer complete hearing evaluations, a dispensary for hearing aids which also includes hearing aid maintenance, repairs, and reprogramming, OSHA/MSHA compliant hearing conservation, and on-site testing services with three sound-proof booths. Our clients include: Knife River, Sause Brothers, Georgia Pacific, Northwest Natural Gas, Great Western Corporation, and more.

For more information on our mobile hearing services, and to schedule a visit, contact us at South Coast Hearing Center.